Zilco Training Market Harborough

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Similar to the running martingale, these split straps are double the length as they are fed up through the rings of the bit and are connected to a dee ring on the reins. The rider is able to imposemore or less restriction on the upward movement of the horse's head according to which dee ring on the reins the clips are attached to. 

Unlike the running martingale, the market harborough is operatedby the horse himself once in use. When the horse carries his head in the correct position, the straps through the bit ringsare slack and have no effect. There is no restriction on the extension of the head and neck while jumping. It is only when the head is thrown upwards that the downward pullon the bit comes into effect.

Made from matt finishsynthetic strapping that is softer on the hands and has a more leather-like appearance.

It come with rubber grip reins. One Size only