Economically priced for beginners or pony clubbers. Grip colours are all black.

• Australian made, the "SIMS" range of bell boots are renowned for their elasticity and long service. • Sold in pairs.
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90cm long with wrist loop
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• New Derby Polocrosse helmet features removable peak, deluxe full black deer/doe leather harness and sleeve, flocked inner and flow-through...
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Released in 2004 the " Pro " head was another breakthrough for Bennett Rackets - ( the inventors of the plastic head racket ) that revolutionised racket...
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Holds 6 rackets plus whip and ball. The handy pouch will carry a full set of polo bandages or bellboots, balls, spurs etc. Will comfortably fit...
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130cm x 25cm x 25cm. With inside pocket and separate zippered end pocket. Holds 12 racquets and 12 polocrosse balls.  Will take everything but your...
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