Epro Rug Wash - 2.5Litres

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A new concept in washing efficiency! Anti – bacterial wash liquid that delivers a powerful 
cleaning performance. Sanitises fabrics during use. Free rinsing – protects against skin irritations. 
Ideal for washing of horse rugs, including synthetic rugs, saddle clothes, bandages & towels 
or clothing used in your stables, farm and home. Wash & Disinfect – contains an active 
bacteriacide to disinfect during the wash cycle. 
◾Multi – Purpose – Suitable for washing clothes, towels, rugs, as well as pet bedding. 
◾Low alkalinity formula – Contains no caustic substances, phosphates, heavy alkalies 
or inorganic salts. 
◾Low pH – gentle on fabric and sensitive skin. 
◾Hydrocarbon Free – solvent free, plant based, gentle efficiency. 
◾Grey Water Friendly.