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Borraq Pee Wee Bit

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The pee wee bit has a floating mouth piece, preventing the horse's tongue from being pinched against the teeth. This stops the horse from wanting to put its tongue over the bit.

The mouth piece is thin, which allows more room for the tongue and the bit in the mouth than most other bits and prevents bruises on the palate. 

The pee wee bit has a sweet iron mouth piece, which stimulates the production of saliva and tastes nice for the horse.

The rings of the pee wee bit fold back over the outside of the small side bars. These side bars keep the rings away from the lips. The side bars are strategically positioned just outside of the lower jaw and only contact the jaw when rein contact is given, giving a clear signal to the horse to move away from the pressure. 

No more head tossing, lugging, tongue over the bit or laying on the bit!

Take away the pain from inside the horse’s mouth, take away the nutcracker action and take away the pinching on the side of the horse’s mouth. No more confusing signals. The pee wee bit provides horses with a comfortable and relaxing experience.




Mouthpiece Thickness - 8mm ( Sweet Iron)

Cheek Length - 53mm

Cheek Thickness - 5.5mm, Length 100mm

Large Ring Diameter - 45mm, Thickness 6mm (Stainless Steel)

Small Ring Diameter - 20mm, Thickness 5mm (Stainless Steel)