Borraq LOCK UP Eggbutt with Oval Link

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The new unique design of this bit is becoming very popular especially among professional show jumping riders due to it's dual action function.

It usually resides in the horse's mouth between it's tongue and lower jaw and acts as normal double jointed bit but if the horse pulls or resists riders aids then the secondaction activates initiatinga mullen mouth effect and as soon as the horse back's down the bit positions itself comfortably in the horse's mouth without creating any pressure.

The benefits for using KK-style links is that it takes the pressure off the horse's tongue and has a strong action on demand. The Link also prevents the bit from performing nutcracker- effect. ie: hitting the roof of the horse's mouth and squeezing of the tongue. This bit does not wrap around the jaw thus providing flexibility on the side bars. Self learning by horse is improved and communication with rider becomes much better.

The Stainless Steel mouth piece provides a comfortable fit and is designed with the horse's welfare in mind.


Mouthpiece Thickness - 16mm

Link - 35mm x 16mm 

Droop Angle - 25mm

Ring Diameter - 60mm x 6mm