Borraq Full Cheek Happy Mouth With Moveable Peanut Cantre

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Happy Mouth Bits have a stainless steel core which makes them a strong and safe bit. These bits are covered with a polymer plastic that is soft, flexible,durable and non-toxic. It also encourages salivation, which produces a soft mouth and better acceptance of the bit. Happy Mouth bits are the perfect choice for young horses and that is why it is favourite amongst professional trainers.

The benefits for using a bean shaped link bit is it takes pressure off the horse's tongue.

It prevents the bit from performing nut cracker-effect. ie: hitting the roof of the horse's mouth and also reduces the squeezing of the horse's tongue.

The Full Cheek length gives very clear direct rein aid and helps prevent the bit from sliding in the horse's mouth. The rider has a bit more leverage without the bit pulling through the horse's mouth.

The straight bars of the full cheek provide absolute lateral guiding effect. This is because the opposite bit bar creates a push in the direction of the activated rein. ie: If the left rein is pulled the right cheek bar will create a push in the right direction, pushing the sides of the full cheek bars against the horse's mouth, thus encouraging a smooth turn.



Mouth Piece Polyurethane 18mm

Cheeks Stainless Steel 165mm

Link Polyurethane Peanut 17mm x 15mm

Link Length - 43mm