Borraq Eggbutt Roller Mouth with Copper Roller

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Eggbutt snaffle has a curved mouthpiece with copper inlays and in addition there are two copper rings fitted in the roller which encourages saliva production and acceptance of the bit by the horse. This bit has no bend so it effectively acts like a mullen mouth piece but provides independent side movements.

The Myler Style Bit makes your horse comfortable and relaxed and it is a more effective way of communicating with both untrained or horse's that need retraining.

The pressure exerted by the rider's unsteady hands is dispersed by the curved mouthpiece and is distributed more evenly between various points.


Mouthpiece - 9mm (Stainless Steel)

Head Pipe - 12x25mm (Stainless Steel)

Port Height - 16mm

Roller with Double copper rings - 12x30mm - Rowel Size 3x14mm

Ring Diameter - 65x6mm (Stainless Steel)