Borraq Double Jointed Wonder Gag with Sweet Iron and Copper Link.

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Wonder Gag Bit has a very popular gag shank, it's loose shanks allow the mouthpiece to move forward when reins are pulled. It works on several parts of the horse's head and mouthincluding the tongue allowing time for the horse to think before the mouthpiece tightens. It is recommended for experienced riders.

Sweet Iron Mouth is designed to rust over time which encourages saliva production and creates a sweeter taste that increases acceptance of the bit by the horse. Once the bit comes into contact with the horse's mouth oxidization takes place. With the passage of time, the bit begins to look rusty. The rust is not harmful to the horse.


Mouthpiece Thickness - 14mm (Stainless Steel)

French Link - (Copper)

Cheek Length - 7 1/2" (Stainless Steel)