Borraq Dog Bone Snaffle

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The Unique training snaffle is very good for unexperienced hands. The second ring attached to the mouthpiece allows a direct rein to be attached as a side pull. The extra long link in the middle spreads the pressure more evenly in the mouth over the bars and tongue. It adds more leverage thus reducing inadvertent tongue or palate pressure caused by heavy hands. The large rings (3 spoke wheel) will push against the face guiding the horse to yield it's head.

Copper inlays encourages saliva production and acceptance of the bit by the horse.

12.5cm only



Mouthpiece Thickness - 5mm (Stainless Steel)

Dog Bone Link - 43mm x 4mm

3 Spoke Wheel - 83mm x 5mm

Small Bridle Ring - 34mm (Stainless Steel)