Borraq Dexter Rubber Mouth Ring Bit

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The Dexter Ring bit is especially designed for racing horse's. It is a very popular racing bit. The large loose ring acts as a second bit and encircles the lower jaw which helps to control pulling and lugging created by the horse.It adds lateral guiding effect and smoothly provides direction which in-turn increases the jockey's steering and stopping capabilities especially in headstrong racehorses.

The rubber mouthpiece feels warm to the horse's mouth so it is easily accepted by the horse's that do not accept stainless steel. The rubber mouthpiece is also useful for horse's with sensitive bars or tongues.

12.5cm only.



Mouthpiece Thickness - 20mm (Rubber)

Ring Diameter - 43mm x 35mm (Stainless Steel)

Ring Thickness - 6mm (Stainless Steel)

Large Ring Diameter - 130mm (Stainless Steel)

Ring Thickness - 6mm (Stainless Steel)