Borraq Dexter Ring Bit


The Dexter Ring bit is especially designed for racing horse's. It is a popular racing bit. The large loose ring acts as a second bit and encircles the lower jaw which helps to control pulling and lugging created by the horse. It adds Lateral guiding effect and smoothly provides directions which in-turn increases the jockey's steering and stopping capabilities especially in headstrong racehorse's.

The Stainless- Steel Mouthpiece provides a comfortable fit and is designed with the horse's welfare in mind. It also increases the acceptance of the bit by the horse.

12.5cm only



Mouthpiece thickness - 16mm ( Stainless Steel)

Ring Diameter - 43mm x 35mm (Stainless Steel)

Ring Thickness - 6mm ( Stainless Steel)

Large Ring Diameter - 130mm ( Stainless Steel)

Ring Thickness - 6mm ( Stainless Steel)