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RUG Mini Canvas Unlined

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Comes in sizes 3'0" to 4'3"

Comes with tail guard. Satin lined in the shoulders


Weathering a New Canvas Rug

When a new canvas product is manufactured, the sewing is not initially water-tight. Basically the needle is slightly thicker than the thread, and when the needle punches through the canvas, the thread is left behind in the larger hole. These joins have a chance of leaking initially. Polycotton threads remedy this by sealing the join itself. The thread will swell and the canvas will shrink so that the thread has tightly filled the hole.

To do this, the rug needs to be weathered, which means it needs to be repetitively wet and dried. There are two options, hosing it down with a garden hose, or waiting for it to rain. Hosing down the rug with a regular garden hose may do the job. The best way to ensure the rug will seal properly is to allow it to get thoroughly soaked in constant rain. The join will continue to leak until the rug has been dried, that is when the shrinking/swelling will occur. Ideally this process should be followed 2-3 times to ensure that it is properly sealed.

After around 12 months of constant heavy use, the rug may require re-waterproofing. This will be evident when water is leaking through the actual canvas, not just the joins. We then recommend that you use a canvas reproofer: