These chrome plated hunting style spurs come complete with braided webbing spur straps. They are an economical alternative for every-day use and those who...

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Synthetic suede palm with polyester "Air" mesh back that really breathes. Try them with the Airmesh half chaps. Great choice for Summer.
$29.95 $19.95

A scaled down version of Pro-Cutter Spurs for young riders.
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This lightweight competition glove gives exceptional feel and dexterity, and is suitable for all disciplines. Made using REINTEX fabric, which provides...
$69.95 $64.95

• Strong, doubled and stitched leather. Mens and Ladies

Clear vinyl. Electronically sealed to prevent leaks

These spur straps are an incredibly low-cost alternative, and very popular for every-day training and exercise. The braided webbing is soft and washable....
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For a stable position of the leg. Improves the stability of the legs offering support during dressage and show jumping. 
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Available in black, sizes X-Small to X-Large. In Regular and Long Back   VIPA Body Protectors .  Utilising the latest technology to...
$395.00 $350.00

High quality spurs with short shank and oval loops.

Quality padded oilskin jacket, features include: leather trim, internal pockets & draw waist.
$139.95 $99.95

Quality oilskin vest, features include: Leather trim, internal pocket, shaped at waist & brushed cotton lining.
$89.95 $69.95

Polyester spandex back with supple tackified chrome leather palm to ensure good grip, even in the wet. Popular choice for eventers.
$44.95 $29.95

Traditional dressage spur with elegant 2" swan neck shank and knob end.
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