For the Horse

Draw reins are a great training aid to teach your horse to stabilize and balance. Leather draw reins are an excellent training aid for young horses...
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Quality Stirrup Leathers.... Brown Leather
$69.95 $49.95
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Made from Zilco's SFL webbing. This lead features a hand loop and built-in double clip, suitable for use with anti-rearing bits and in-hand bridles....

This ergonomically-shaped saddle pad in the allround style gives extra relief around the withers. The silver-coloured embroidered crown in the corner and...

This is an ideal rug for prizes, made from best quality brushed cotton. Ideal for floating.

This beautiful quality ripstop rug has satin shoulders and comes with a free tail bag and fittings. 

This incredibly attractive combo comes with lined neck and shoulders and is made from airflow fabric.

• Rollers are set into Eggbutt Snaffle mouthpiece. • Pacifies headstrong horses and gives greater control. Cob Size Only (5")
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This stunning new combo is made from the best cottonpoly ripstop fabric. Lined neck and shoulder. With superfine mesh vents. This combo is an absolute...
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Good quality Hanovarian Bridle, padded on the headpiece and noseband for extra comfort for horse. Diamond and white stone decorative browband which...
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Fantastic quality padded hanovarian bridle. Comes complete with rubber grip reins.  This bridle is so soft and supple adding total comfort to the...
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Now back in stock! Unfortunately only available in 3 sizes: 6'0", 6'3" & 6'6". 

Comes with removable tail bag, also has deluxe mesh inserts. Has lined neck and shoulder, this was a very popular seller last Summer, with a slightly...
$79.95 $37.00