Borraq Dee Happy Mouth Bit with Moveable Peanut Centre

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Happy Mouth Bits have a Stainless Steel core which makes them a strong and safe bit. These bits are covered with polymer plastic that is soft, flexible, durable and non-toxic. It encourages salivation, which produces a soft mouth and better acceptance of the bit. Happy Mouth bits are the perfect choice for young horse's and that is why it is a favourite among professional trainers.

The benefits for using a bean shaped link bit is that it takes the pressure of the horse's tongue.

It prevents the bit from performing nutcracker effect, ie: hitting the roof of the horse's mouth and it also reduces squeezing the tongue.

12.5cm only



Mouthpiece Polyurethane 18mm

Rings Stainless Steel 70mm

Link Polyurethane Peanut 17mm x 15mm

Link Length - 43mm